Watford digital exchange 2021
Jetzt neu: mit Erfahrungsberichten!

My name is Georgios Alexandros A. and it is my first exchange program I participate in.

The first meeting with my exchange student via a WhatsApp Video Call was very successful. His name is Santosh and I really like him. At first, I thought that it would be a little strange to talk with somebody from another culture and country, but I feel like it is actually great.

It was a great surprise that Santosh speaks such a good German. It is sometimes funny to start a sentence in English and finish it in German. Regarding the mix of languages, we probably have to organize ourselves better, but I am certain that this will work out too.

We also have some things in common. We both like sports, he plays Cricket and I play basketball or we both like talking about movies. I am really looking forward to get to know him better and to work on my English.

The next thing we want to do together is to have a chess game online.

Hopefully we will be able to meet up next year when Corona is over!

Georgios Alexandros A. (10 b)

On the first day of the exchange I was very excited because this was my first exchange, a little different, in digital form, but great! I was so excited, that the first thing I did this morning, was writing an email to Theo, my exchange partner. He wrote back that evening and we decided to switch to WhatsApp, as it’s a bit easier than writing emails.  We talked much about our different systems (school…) and our hobbies. One day he sent me a video of an English speciality, Yorkshire Puddings. The next day, my sister and I did these Yorkshire Puddings as well and they were very delicious.  A week later, we did a meeting for a dinner. I was again really excited, but very quickly we got into conversation and this was very great! We laughed very much! Our dinner together lasted 2 hours and we got along so well. We talked about Prince Phillip (who died a day before) and many other things. We decided to repeat that, no matter if the exchange was over then.  When the corona pandemic is over, I want to go there, to Theo’s family.

written by Lennart H. (8b)

Wir haben begonnen zu telefonieren, jedoch war es still. Wir wussten beide nicht was wir sagen sollen. Die Stille wurde fast schon peinlich. Nach kurzer Zeit fingen mein Austauschpartner und Ich jedoch gleichzeitig an darüber zu reden, dass Mainz am Tag davor gegen Bayern gewonnen hat (Wir unterhalten uns oft über Fußball). Wir fanden diesen Moment lustig und er hat die Stimmung aufgelockert. Es hat uns geholfen und danach konnten wir ein sehr angenehmes Gespräch führen.

written by Jakob H. (10b)

by Georgios A. (10b)