Vom 06.09. 2021 bis 30.06. 2022 bei uns:
Matt Hinkleman, amerikanischer Sprachassistent

Von September 2021 bis Juni 2022 und erneut im Schuljahr 22/23 bei uns: Matt Hinkleman, amerikanischer Sprachassistent

Hi! My name is Matt Hinkleman.

I’ve been sent here to answer all your questions about the USA. Just kidding, I’m actually here on a Fulbright grant to serve as an assistant teacher to you in your English classes! I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s right in the middle of the US, between Ohio and Illinois. I studied philosophy and political science at Ball State University and graduated in 2020.

I decided to come here to Germany to help teach because

1. I have German ancestors (as you might have guessed—see: “Hinkleman”) and 2. I enjoy sharing and discussing different opinions and viewpoints, especially with younger people.

I myself am still quite young at 23 years old! So, in addition to helping you learn proper English grammar, I also want to be a good cultural representative that learns as much about my students as they learn about me.

For the past year, I have worked as a barista at a coffee shop in my hometown. I love making coffee in my free time, and my favorite drink is a simple black coffee (or a mocha if I am treating myself). I also enjoy reading, watching scary movies (do you have any scary German movie recommendations for me?), and playing sports (my favorite is basketball).

I am very excited to be here for ten months and hope to become someone you look forward to seeing at school every day!